Saturday, July 12, 2014

July 12' 2014

Been a long long time since I updated this blog. Quite a bit has been happening….I've acquired some more rolling stock, both UK OO and North American HO. I've also decided to build another slightly longer layout.

 My old layout is 6ft by 1ft. scenic with no fiddle-yard. This new layout will be on 3x4ft long boards with about 9 ft scenic and 3 feet of fiddle-yard incorporating a 2-track sector-plate. This layout will be a harbour-side locale with a car-float.
The 3 boards have been built and the cork sub-road bed has been laid.

Among the rolling stock that I have acquired are 2 black and orange CN diesels with DCC sound by Atlas and Broadway Limited, 2 Atlas gold and green RS3s with DCC sound, a new gold and green DCC CN 44-ton diesel by Bachman and a DCC Red CP SW1 by Athearn. I also just picked up some really nice billboard reefers by Roundhouse/Athearn.

I've just started weathering them all and will be posting pictures here over the next few days.

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