Saturday, August 21, 2010

Railway Museum RailExpo 2010

My local club, The British Model Railroad Club of Montreal, attended the 2-day show at the Montreal Railway Museum in Delson, Quebec, just south of Montreal again this year. We exhibited our new NCE DCC, club-layout, that although it's not finished does have some scenery completed and was happily running very well.
I was pleasantly surprised to see that over the past 18 months 2 new HO clubs, The Richelieu Valley Railroad,
and the Frontiere Montreal Border railroad Club, have come into being on the island of Montreal, increaseing the number of HO/OO clubs from 5 to 7. Both of these new clubs had very nice small layouts on display and I found it heartening to see younger, 20-somethings participateing.

This is the new module I've been working on for our club layout...the building is made from DPM modules and weathered using  powders, the milk wagons were also weathered using powders.              

This next pic is of the exit from the station area showing the entrance to the goods siding and the branch-line.

Below are 3 pics of the small layout that the new club, Richelieu Valley, was exhibiting.

These next 4 pics are of the new exhibition layout by the Vermont&Essex's a port scene that they built in about 15 days...very impressive!

Finally a pic of 4 of our club members...
                                  John K, Dave W, Nigel P, and Jolly John M.

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