Sunday, August 1, 2010


Up until now I have done all my loco/wagon and carriage weathering using weathering powders and dry-brushing and have always been more than satisfied with the results...I really think weathering powders in particular are a real boon to modelers.
But being the adventurous type, and having received and watched the Right track #11 DVD, Weathering Techniques with Tim Shackelton

I decided it was time to try weathering with an airbrush.
I had an old Badger 200 bottom feed single-action airbrush

so I dusted it off, got some Modelmaster and Humbrol paints and went at it.
First I did a Hornby J94 I had just recieved...what a pig...I know it has a good reputation for slow-running but mine was a piece of junk...the wheels were out of quarter and all 6 pick-ups were covered in grease due to over-lubeing at the factory...needless to say it ran like a 2-legged dog until I did some work on it...its still a bit jerky and noisy but hopefully that will work itself out over time

Anyways I blackened the rods and wheel-rims with Neo-lube:

What a great product and so easy to use. 

I added Kadee couplers, a DCC chip and a loco driver and then got to work using various shades of tan for dust and blacks....I'm reasonably pleased with the results  but I know I still need tons of practice with the airbrush to get really good results...while the airbrush was out I gave 2 new Dapol milk-wagons a bit of a dirty up also.

I still need to touch up the wheels and running gear of the loco and wagons, add some lamps and fire-irons to the loco and hit all 3 with some powders but I am having fun and that is what's important...anyways here are some pics

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